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Collaborating with Nature to Create Climate Resilience

Facing the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss and regional development pressures, Bolton, Devens and Harvard are collaborating with Nature to identify and deliver climate solutions that will increase the resiliency of our communities and ecosystems. Nature-based Solutions provide cost-effective climate resilience by providing multiple co-benefits, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improved water quality and water supply, reduced flooding, improved air quality, cooler local temperatures, fish and wildlife habitat and support for biodiversity, recreational and aesthetic opportunities, and improved physical and mental public health.

Apple Country Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge that the land where the Apple Country Natural Climate Solutions Project is taking place is on the traditional lands of the Nipmuc Tribal People. Nipmuc means the People of the Fresh Water. Faced with the dual challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, we encourage, and endeavor to seek, collaboration with the Nipmucs and other Indigenous Peoples to work towards enhancing climate resilience and supporting biodiversity, consistent with the holistic and reciprocal relationship that Indigenous Peoples traditionally maintain with Nature.

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